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What is the worlds most densely population continent?


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Aisa is the densely population continent
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the wrong statement is - c. a desert had more biodiversity than a marsh.

the deserts are one of the places of the planet where there's the least biodiversity. the reasons for that are the climate and the lack of food sources, which hampers both the number of the species that can survive in it, and the number of the individuals in the species itself.

the marshes, on the other hand, are places where there's perfect conditions for lots of organisms to thrive. the temperature is moderate and nice, the amount of water and the food sources are on a high level, so there's an abundance of both plant and animal life in them.

I’m comparing a desert to a marsh , which statement is not true?
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"pacesetter of the south," comma inside the quotes

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What is the worlds most densely population continent?...

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